Assistant Librarian

Contract Type
Full Time
Closing Date
Sunday, January 3, 2021

Job Requirements

Education: Bachelor Degree in Library a nd In format ion Science or related discipline - Essential Work Experience : Minimum of four (4) years of working experience in related fields - Essential English Language Skills Level - I . Essential IELTS: 6, STEP: 75, or TOEFL: (PBT: 500) (IBT: 61)

Job Responsibilities

Principal Duties: 1. Guides and assists library users in finding required information. 2. Ensures that full range of circulation services e.g. check out/in, registration of new users as per library policy, and maintenance of statistics of check out/in materials on daily basis. 3. Encodes into library software (Symphony) and maintenance of Accession Register (Hardbound) 4. Generates overdue notices from the library system, manual issuance of overdue notices on regular basis in case - library system failures. 5. Keeps and tracks records of recommended books and present before librarian and keeps record most circulated materials in the library. 6. Prepares library books for shelves (Book Pocket, Due Date Label, Accession, Library stamp, security strips, etc). 7. Displays newly arrived materials on regular basis and sends mails to users as per discipline. 8. Forwards mails to the other library for the materials not available in the library; maintains record of the Inter Library Lending & Document Delivery (ILL&DD). 9. Assists users in searching and downloading full text journal articles and help using library home page and Database (Ac-knowledge. 10. Compiles Subject bibliography and Circulation to users. 11. Participates and presents daily circulation and other library activities in the monthly staff meeting. 12. Performs other job related duties as required.


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