Assistant Professor - Epidemiology

Contract Type
Full Time
Closing Date
Monday, July 19, 2021

Job Requirements

Education: - Ph.D. Degree in related field or equivalent- Essential. Work Experience: - Academic/Educational experience & background including research in the area of assignment- Essential. English Language- Level I- Essential. Arabic Language- Beneficial. Computer Skills- Level I – Essential.

Job Responsibilities

Principal Duties: - Perform 40 hours of work weekly (can be increased to 45 hours by the University Council) with 14 credit hours spent in teaching undergraduate and/ or postgraduate courses, and the reminder of time spent in research, academic advising, office hours, committee meeting, administrative and other academic duties assigned by the relevant authorities in the college. - Assist in the preparation of course materials and syllabi that outline the course requirements, rationale, goals, objectives, assessment methods and expected learning outcomes, in collaboration with the department of Medical Education AND/OR Academic Affairs. - Engage in curricular development and support area of discipline by recommending textbooks and other reaching aids as appropriate for instruction of assigned courses/sessions. - Deliver up-to-date knowledge in area of specialty and stimulate self-directed learning and critical thinking, using various teaching methods, including lectures, laboratories, demonstrations, interactive computer-based exercises, small group discussions, student directed classroom activities and other innovative approaches to teaching. - Participate in assessment activates associated with assigned courses/ sessions, including examination invigilation. - Maintain laboratories and equipment when applicable. - Foster student development. - Maintain adequate office hours to be available to faculty and students for consultation in area of expertise. - Serve as an academic advisor to undergraduate and/or graduate students. Research: - Pursue scholarly growth on a consistent basis, both within and outside the subject of discipline. - Undertake original research, either as an individual or with colleagues, of a level and quality that will result in publication on internationally recognized journals. - Help develop research proposals and supervise collaborative projects with student.


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