Application Analyst \ KAIMRC

Contract Type
Full Time
Closing Date
Sunday, September 25, 2022

Job Requirements

a) Education: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or a related field - Essential b) Experience: Six (6) years working experience in Applications - Essential c) English Language skills: Level – I – Essential [ IELTS: 5, STEP: 75, or TOEFL: (PBT: 466) (IBT: 51) ]

Job Responsibilities

1- Analyzes problems presented with data, investigates needs of users, verifies problems by preparing test data for trial run, and recommends solutions where errors were found. 2- Manages, develops, integrates and implements related applications components including fronted development, server side development and database integration. 3- Assists in reviewing requests; determine the needs for development or modification of current implementation of the applications. 4- Assists in planning, development and sharing of applications’ implementation including reports development, coordinates users’ training, testing and proper escalation to higher management on issues for change or adoption. 5- Assists in reviewing software and hardware users’ requirements, drafts user’s requirements for additional functionalities or inclusion of newly introduced business models for implementation. Assists technical developers to maintain integrate such changes. 6- Assists in ensuring that proper operating procedures are developed and followed as well as, schedules subordinate technical developers and other resources allocated to assure optimum staff utilization. 7- Ensures usage of advanced project management methodology to run the projects assigned and reflects that in all reports and meetings conducted to complete the implementation. 8- Plans for health check for the systems used and verify integrity, accuracy and reliability of the system. 9- Participates in all project phases and activities comprising development installation, implementation, testing and validation of all systems. 10- Plans to provide periodical training sessions and introduce changes on the system to the IT in all KSAU-HS regions. Ensures uniformity of users platform and system integrity across regions. 11- Performs other job-related duties as required.


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