Contract Type
Full Time
Closing Date
Sunday, November 22, 2020

Job Requirements

- Education: Essential Diploma in medical technology or in related field. - Work experience: Minimum two (2) years experience in related field essential. - English Language Skills: Skilled level 1 essential.

Job Responsibilities

- Responsible and ensure security and safety of the laboratory facilities, laboratory supplies and laboratory instruments. - Maintains and monitors the condition of all mechanical equipments if calibration is necessary. - Maintains control systemm to monitor laboratory supplies subject for expiry and establishes/utilizes approved stock locator system and updates system as space requirements changes. - Maintains a stock location rotaion plan that ensures stock movement on a first in first out basis and establishes the minimum stocking level. - Maintains constant awareness of storage conditions, paying attention on temperatures and cleanliness in the area at all times. - Conducts training and supervises students/laboratory users on safty precautionary measures how to use the laboratory equipments and facilities. - Reports damaged laboratory instruments or non functioning laboratory facilities/equipments to the immediate supperior. - Supervises stock inventories at the end of the fiscal year and preiodically directs inventory checks to compare the actual quantity on hand with the inventory record balances. - Maintains tracking and prepares the reqested equipments and supplies to be used by the students and ensures that after using the area and equipments are in good share. - Ensures adherence with KSAU-HS related policies and procedures. - Performs other related duties as required.


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